Making Lantern Day


Product: Making Lantern Day

Hoi An haft day tour with making lantern


Are you looking for the perfect souvenir to take home from Hoi An? Join the Lantern Making Class and add your personal art to the Eastern decoration that Vietnamese believe to bring luck and happiness to your home when you hang the lanterns in front of your houses. The lanterns, characteristic of the ancient town of Hoi An, will take you back to the charming streets of the old city at a glance. Choose between advanced classes that have prepared bamboo sticks for you that allows you to experience making lanterns from scratch! Create lanterns shaped like pumkins, triangles, garlic or diamonds and choose the type and color of silk you desire. An experienced English speaking instructor will guide you step by step. This exciting and unique activity is suitable for the whole family, even for children age 3 and up!

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